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There are "conservatives" that approve of Hillary Clinton? Not!
I'm pretty sure that threatening to kill someone or advocating someone be killed is against the law. If that is true, I propose that those calling for the killing of Ms. Kendall be arrested and if found guilty, given a hunting rifle and deposited in the middle of Africa. Their instructions would be simple, use it or not.
People with guns in bars is an accident looking for a place to happen. People have legitimate and necessary reasons to carry concealed weapons but this is an opportunity special made for the anti-gun lobby. Bars would do well to not allow open carry period, in their establishments.
Just one problem, the first amendment to our constitution says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." It would appear that the left is establishing the "Church of the Progressive Faithful" and simultaneously seeking to prohibit all other religions the free exercise their faith. It is time to arrest and intern those who so overtly violate their oath of office as well as the constitution. It really is.
That would be "worst" week but then, who's nitpicking?
I offer this link to all who have served in the military, whatever branch you chose as a reminder of the pride and the honor we all felt whenever we had the chance to march in parade in whatever setting it occurred. This is a compilation of marches by John Philip Sousa. A reminder of what the 4th of July is all about. Eat your heart out Sharpton, it is beyond anything you will ever achieve.
You know, you really are wound way, way too tight. Try exlax.
Since any criticism from conservatives and especially, "white" conservatives of Sharpton's screed is going to be met with condemnation from the left, insisting that it confirms overt or latent racism, can we now dispense with the politically correct criticism and just jump on this slime-ball for the garbage he is? I mean, they are going to call you a racist no matter how well you finesse your words, so, go ahead, get down wit chore bad hateful self and tell the good Rev. in explicit terms, where he can put his hate.
I am beginning to wonder just who it is that is clueless, a public poorly served by an extremely biased liberal media or said media that rationalizes its decision to cover that which doesn't fit their narrative. They really don't know what is happening in mainstream America nor realize the growing disdain Americans have for a media that is now nothing more than a propaganda tool of the left. They fancy themselves the elite. We more see them as effete.
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