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Reality to the left is whatever they need to say to satisfy their ideological perceptions and pronouncements. They wholly subscribe to the "ends justifies the means" philosophy. There is no such thing as logic or reason in Liberal Land. You can't lose when no amount of evidence to the contrary is permitted. The progressive left is certifiably evil. There is no other word that comes close to such behavior.
There was one other person who was not impressed with Obama’s reaction to the downing of a passenger plane, Chris Matthews. In his closing remarks, he cited Ronald Reagan’s response to the downing of a Korean Airliner by Russian fighter jets. Yes, others made similar reference, but we’re talking Chris Matthews here. For Chris Matthews to quote Ronald Reagan as the model for American leadership in this instance speaks volumes. That he didn't try to attach some moral equivalence to Obama's passing mention is the stuff that should shake Obama and his administration to its core. What Matthews has admitted is that there is an expectation of leadership and resolve from the person who occupies the Oval Office. That he gave that distinction to Reagan says all that needs be said.
I started to qualify this statement but I really don't think it necessary. John McCain is in the same state of mental dysfunction as Harry Reid. Both need to be sent to a facility for the mentally disturbed.
Face palm! That is the world's reaction now every time Obama speaks about any serious issue or situation. It wouldn't surprise me if even our enemies didn't feel sorry for a nation led by someone this obtuse.
No doubt, there is a swarm of speech writers, analysts, public relations people and consultants working on Obama's official response to a passenger plane being blown out of the sky with almost 300 people on board. Obama's immediate response as shown above however is so revealing of the shallowness and ineptness of this man as to be his defining moment ... as though he needed further definition.
This needs to go viral. Thinking people across this nation need to understand the crass, asinine, demented mindset that exists in the liberal/progressive brain which guides their policies and agenda. It really is a perfect example to accomplish that goal.
Throwing money at a bureaucracy will solve nothing; it will only inflate the level of incompetency. If the VA medical program is to remain as it is, one under the control of the federal government and given the absolute inability to provide adequate care in so many instances, some additional money will probably be required. However, until and unless the agency as a whole is thoroughly audited, facilities examined and true requirements assessed, any money now would just go into the bureaucratic abyss. Fix it then fund it, but right now, it doesn't need money it needs management.
It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to realize that drug cartels, gang members and terrorists as well would exploit the chaos on our border that is the specific result of Obama's executive orders and stated intention to not enforce immigration laws. The Senate bill that the House leadership has pushed vigorously, which amounts to de facto amnesty, didn't help either. Now we are here with both political parties doing nothing more than thrust and parry for political points. Another example of our government doing "A Heck of a Job."
Dubious Whatshername Schlitz is correct in one regard, her choices for birth control substances and devices is certainly not her "boss's business." And yet, there she is, insisting that it is. Go figure!
Well, the change that Biden thought would happen certainly did not occur but, for Obama, it has changed exactly as he planned. Biden is so stupid, as are all those on the left who fall for the Utopian promises of Communists like Obama.
The good news is that it is going to be bad news for the Democrats in November, forget a bunch of "poll-ution."
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