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Attack of the Concern Trolls

Dan_NV Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 11:36 AM
Perhaps Christine O'Donnell, Mourdock and Akin were as you say, not electable. Their fortunes may have been brighter however, had the GOP establishment not hung them out to dry. Democrats support their candidates, no matter how "un-electable" they may seem. Republicans cut, run and at the first sign of trouble. That is what separates the party base from the elite establishmentarians.

Turns out the New York Times is worried about the future of the Republican Party. So concerned, in fact, it has dedicated more than 6,000 words in this week’s magazine to explore, as the title puts it, “Can The Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?” Indeed, the folks at The Times seem extremely concerned that which they hate might not survive. And by “concerned” I mean they’re hoping.

That The Times would seek to harm Republicans, and more specifically conservatives, is about as shocking as Piers Morgan doing a special episode on the need for gun control. But that so...