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Yea, sure! MTV will so repent :) They'll issue some apology letter carefully penned by their lawyers and next year they'll push everything even more towards disgusting. If possible of course, because this year's show is hard to be surpassed.
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Overwhelming Majority: Cut Aid to Egypt

Dan_AZ Wrote: Aug 19, 2013 1:25 PM
Ozero's name in Egypt is Barakah al-Hussein Abu Amamah :) Some Egyptian General Saturday: "the military does not accept any external dictates and will not permit any nation to support terrorism in Egypt.” This was a reference to the fact that the support for the Brotherhood is support for terrorism.
Oh yea? The idiots from HuffPoop complained today that some MOSQUE was burned in Egypt: "Rabaa Al-Adawiyah Mosque Destroyed In Cairo Clashes" How stupid can you be to lament for such a thing, eh? :)
Whenever I see Biden I'm asking myself: In what Universe this VP is better than Palin?
Probably a gazillion others below asked the same thing: what's the dung on his head?!? :)
Of course It won't be death penalty. It will be only life sentence + owing some millions in penalties. After all he breached a few non-disclosure contracts, didn't he?
Lucky for his laser focus on jobs and economy! :) Yeah please rule us, oh mighty Zero, do not leave us onto the big bad GOP! Pathetic! ROFL
Jeeesus! She looks like hell! Since she's Satan's wife, I guess it's normal...
I guess this can be a also form of terrorism: suck out from people's money as much as possible :)
"simply walking to the store for candy" is plain venting for emotion. You 'feel' like that kid was innocent and Zimmerman big bad evil white came about and shot him dead. Maybe he was walking from the store skittles in his hand and to the church? :) You guys are pathetic and ridiculous.
Embarrassment is right about now because of people in the streets bleating that 'it was not fair'. They 'feel' like the justice was not served.
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