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Obama's Tax Evaders of the Year

Dan883 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 9:32 PM
The most frightening thing is that Obama doesn't even have to try even come close to telling the truth because the press won't call him on anything and Democrats think he's the messiah, come to right all past wrongs. They truly are clueless. PTVoice at

President Obama will kick off the new year the same way that he kicked off the old year: by demanding that the wealthy pay their "fair share" in taxes. But while millions of small-business owners, struggling entrepreneurs, inventors and investors brace for a double whammy of fiscal cliff tax hikes and new Obamacare taxes, the class-warrior in chief's richest pals are getting a pass.

It's a Golden Pass for liberal millionaires and billionaires who support higher Obama taxes for everyone but themselves. Meet the Democratic tax evaders of the year.

-- Google. The left-wing Internet giant provided Silicon Valley's biggest campaign...