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Obama's a 'Colossal Sick Joke'

Dan774 Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 9:29 AM
Interesting article with only one flaw, it is completely false. As Americans, we continue to delude ourselves on the objective of our president. It is not the ‘preservation and protection’ of this nation, rather the inverse—the fundamental transformation—of our nation. He was not saying any falsehood when he declared, to his minions, ‘we are who we’ve been waiting for.’ For since those in our constitutional congress, such as Alexander Hamilton, John Adams and others decided that this land of a Republic sounds nice, but wouldn’t it just be better to let who know better just run everything. That was the beginning of this continuation of the clash between the ‘state’ and the individual, the genesis of the trial of ‘Socrates,’ and this scenario has never changed. If we look at the nihilism, the destruction, the genocide of the American system of governance—this spawn of Satan—has been the most successful since Jimmy Carter in absolutely changing this nation from a representative republic...to a democratic communist…nation. In the standards of this nation’s preservation, to Americans with that desire, he isn’t doing what we’d wish. That isn’t his objective. Measuring his objective, the ‘fundamental transformation’ destroying a nation of philosophical idealism of…liberty, freedoms, and enumerated government…he isn’t a joke, he is succeeding beyond his wildest expectations.
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Governed by Rules, Not Men

Dan774 Wrote: Mar 12, 2014 9:54 AM
Is it not interesting since the 50's when God was kicked out of school, and atheism was by --government decree--made this nation's official, by state dictate the religion of this nation, the concept of consideration, equal, and common sense have disappeared. Perhaps we'd return to a better nation if reinstalled God, an rejected social engineering.
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Fact-Free Liberals: Part III

Dan774 Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 9:53 AM
Is it not absolutely remarkable of the antidotal hyperbole that can be used to confuse reality, and hide the actual facts. The war on poverty was, as the insanity of civil rights, designed with one purpose and one purpose only. The ‘political racism’ to use the society that had just began to assimilate and become one with this nation, into a separation of society, and the cultural demographics of the cultural communist Antonio Gramsci’s design. We have the literacy the verification and the conformation of this reality in the famous words, perhaps the only ones of any intelligence, spoken by the wondrous Lyndon Johnson, “those ‘colloquial for black folk’ will be beholding to the Democratic Party for 200 years.” In this nation, we spend far too much or our limited ignorance listening to those who tell us what they say, instead of attempting to understand what they mean. Our political parties, have made this illusion of destruction their primary objective, never once even considering that perhaps preserving the philosophical idealism of this nation is ‘maybe’ more important. The ‘war on poverty’ which was lost long ago, as its very genesis did not identify the problem to begin with, was nothing but an extension of the communism of ‘civil right’ where the inalienable rights endowed on all men, were replace with racist inequality, as granted by the state. The very reason we call then, legislated, central planning, communist design rights. Ignorance in this nation or any other nation is not the answer for a civilized society. Electing the most incompetent man, based on those racist civil rights of communist design, who by confirmed fact of objective analysis may be the most incapable human being that walked upright, born of woman to ever reside on the surface of this planet.
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Keynes Is Dead

Dan774 Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 7:42 AM
In the simple reality of Say's law, that goods and services buy good and services; our current insanity of enterprise has nothing to do with economics. The largest players in the game of wealth are? How about the reality, the governments, in cronies capitalism--why--so like parasites they are they can tax the efforts of others. The banks, parasites for and against government at the same time, And those with accumulated wealth created by...was it enterprise...or was it 'tax manipulation?' Inquiring minds, should ask! There are two things about economic unknown, especially in America. Printing money and deflating the economy while stimulating 'demand' side activity, is not a economic principle--it is insanity. Magnified that our wondrous government is still pumping dollars into the economy, for toxic assets. Why, so the banks can lend these imaginary...having value, back to the govenrmen...so their form of buying political power with false altruism, can continue. Compound the insanity the government is talking about raising minimum wage. What in the hell is the intrusion of expense on our society for communist control of our health care system but raising cost, the minimum wage of expense on every damn thing, or person who works in this nation? Ignorance is not the answer. Which is the template of knowledge in this nation, our seeming goal. Of not then how in the name of Hades do we listen to our current illustrious one explain, that something proven to retard the capacity to think--for a lifetime--by one use, marijuana is like alcohol? There are so many problems in the abortion of this nation's philosophy, idealism, and even common sense, where to begin the correction is hard to identify. Yet in all of this, when people do not know why the price of anything is what it is, do not know that expenses cannot be raised by unilateral illogical design of our communist government, and then making people unemployable by those actions, spend more for altruism supporting those no one can afford to hire; we have a greater problem than just some communist monetary, and fiscal control of our economic environment, we have acerbated ignorance to some type of higher art form.
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Is Obama Defeated?

Dan774 Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 7:26 AM
Interesting hypothesis. Thinking of the success of Lenin, and the success of this absolute disgrace, what do we find different. In analysis the only thing I can find different is the establishment of the gulag under Lenin. We should all remember this wonder, where once in power the pyramid scheme of shooting all opposition occurred. As Lenin after making a list, and having all of them shot, was told they'd done it, made the most iconic quote ever of the communist objective--then we'll have to make another list. Reality is reality, the destruction of the American form of government , the nihilism of our current administration, the congress, our judicial system, and the bureaucracy that supports them have changed America from its philosophical foundations greater than even Lenin ever dreamed. Today this nation, this United States in America have reached a pinnacle of communism, unknown ever in the society of mankind. As our illustrious one told us, 'in five day we will fundamentally change this nation.' Now 5 years later, who can even remember what it was, America was. I don't think terms of defeated when as the Hindu God Silva the destroyer of all to create new--to change this nation from the shiny light on the hill, to the cesspool of society, his objective can be called a failure.
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$2.2 Trillion in Exports Puts "E" in PE

Dan774 Wrote: Dec 31, 2013 9:48 AM
As I’m no financial genius, have a matriculation degree of dope smoking from Harvard, or even live in the world of illusion so many do; I don’t get it. Let’s begin at the beginning. The dollar is worth what to the world market today after the insanity of fiscal and monetary policy of this nation’s government? Oh that’s right, it now is about 50% of the wealth value it had when this absolute incompetent was elected, and this congress sworn in…but there has been a lot more swearing at them since then. So in some dope hallucination lacking reality, we are going to use a variable—the US dollar as a measurement over time—what are we crazy or what? You cannot make a statement of anything going on in this nation with data using the ‘Titanic’ dollar of the oDUMBo administration. It is Titanic because the dollar is sinking faster than the final plunge of the Titanic on its historic voyage. Perhaps some should stay in the genre they are familiar. Like why the sky is blue, and leave reason to others.
When as in our nation the dollar is only valued at the whim of the government, not facts or measurement of any value, wealth, or creation of anything, but printing money. This results in the ultimate Keynesian communist doctrine of monetary and fiscal insanity—that makes those very dollars not value—but illusion. Perhaps there is another answer, as with this latest group of insane incompetents with a history of drug use, perhaps not an illusion, but a hallucination. It makes using the dollar as a measurement of anything about as reliable as the documentation of Mao’s results of his great leap forward, or as our current Mea Maxima Culpa, this nation’s greatest mistake told us—using the banner of all communist throughout history, ‘forward.’ No, we as a nation are not increasing anything under this current administration and this disgraceful congress except the debauching of our currency and the ‘fundamental transformation’ of our nation, our society and the ethnicity of this wonder — this exceptional nation with no comparative. That reality we know, experience and measure on a daily basis; for it is the reality of the cognitive awareness every American experiences!
There is a point in the spectrum of propaganda spread by the current communist government of this nation—that we must call ‘BS.’ For those unfamiliar with the term it can be applied to any government report this nation has issued since the administration of Warren Harding—the last president who had the capacity to even comprehend the philosophical ideal of truth. It is an acronym to identify the biological residue of solid waste passed by a bull. To begin, if the government says it, we must first acknowledge it is a lie. From that we can then begin the task of identifying the how, and the why the lie was created to be released as propaganda in the first place. In the world of statistics, in economics, and in reality—all of which are unknown in this current administration and congress—one thing required is that measure anything we must use something that is constant, and does not change. Obviously in a nation where the wealth of even our currency is on a charted downward spiral created by congressional incompetence, administrative design to ‘fundamentally transform’ our nation a dollar isn’t a very good barometer to measure anything. Compound that with the willing accomplice of the Federal Reserve…pumping 85 billion dollars a month after 5 trillion dollars into our economy accomplishing not one damn thing…the valuation of the American dollar, has reached the depths of worthlessness of our beginning; when a ‘continental dollar’ was classified as worthless. So we’ve watched the value of purchasing power of the American dollar sink faster than the Titanic on the last of its fatal plunge, and we the gullible, naïve, and illiterate in economics or even mathematics in this nation are supposed to believe anything the government tells us? Especially when we’ve learned in the last 40 years that every report, every presentation, and every action of this association of the monopoly of political parties controlling this nation have been proven to be nothing but lies? Are we ‘really’ that stupid? Are we so damn dumb, they can believe we will continue to buy their patronizing bilge water on a continuum? We have no idea of anything in any report of any consequence the government gives out using the ‘VARIABLE’ of the US dollar as the means of measurement. We as a nation need to remember the economic reality of ‘Says’ who explained that the currency is just the medium of exchange for convenience, not any measurement of fact in itself.
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Martin Luther King Jr.'s Real Message

Dan774 Wrote: Aug 28, 2013 9:31 AM
Is reality that difficult to comprehend? When one thinks of the empirical history of this nation’s construct—what it took to reach the pinnacle of a nation with the concepts of philosophy and idealism—and then to measure it with ‘civil rights’ legislation that disregards, and refutes all of those basic endowed rights; is not the whole question one of absurdity? Civil rights legislation used as ideology is as dangerous as communism used as a political design. IN both cases, the government, becomes the god little (g) of man’s existence. In the declarative there is a simple statement that identifies the principles of this nation with the greatest purity possible. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights, among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ This basic philosophical concept was destroyed in this nation when the government decided that they, and only they, had the power to elevate some over others. That government would dictate, that the natural rights of man, the natural laws of man, and the God of those natural rights was wrong. That government would replace that belief in the unalienable rights of man—and they would dictate that even the implied right, not only in natural laws, but in our own constitutional acknowledgement of our Bill of Rights in the first amendment, the right of association was not man’s but the dictates of the government to determine what we would or would not make our own choice. No the advancement of civil rights, the government dictates to destroy this nation’s foundation isn’t something to be admired. It was poorly thought out, poorly executed, and destroyed the very foundations of a nation of people with liberty and freedom. It is a sad scenario, that those who advance under the guise of the impossible result of equality of all without individual effort, saying there is prejudice if people are allowed their own freedom of choice, destroy that freedom in the dictates that are more caustic, more destructive, and more detrimental to this society than anything known—except the advancement of communism—to this nation’s destruction.
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Spending, Deficits, and Our New GDP

Dan774 Wrote: Aug 20, 2013 5:39 AM
There is one other fallacy in the presentation. In the presentation we are using dollars as the unit of measure. This is difficult as dollars have no constant value. The same point that government is so intrusive in the economic environment is compounded by the fact there is no foundation of wealth in America. Today, the value of what we measure with the dollar has no constant. Today, the dollar has whatever value the whim of the Congress dictates the Federal Reserve for it to be. It only magnifies that when you elect a chief administrator who is the ‘dumbest among us’ with the Congress populated by eunuchs the do not realize we have a representative Republic and the minority can nullify the insanity of the majority. Benjamin Franklin told us never allow the government in the business environment. Communism is that the government dictates the business environment. Doesn't it make you wonder what type of government we have in this nation?
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