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Dan50 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 4:15 AM
Romney presents himself as he is, the Media and the O- team as some one puts it maybe lying to voters on how Romney is. I am not a Mormon but I can tell you that they are the mot honest and Moral people I have ever known. Romney has worked hard and many years to achieve what he has, Obama has never had a job in his life, that should say so much, but there must be a lot of people not paying attention.

Not optimal? No, Mr President.
Four years of 8% unemployment is "not optimal."
$16 Trillion national debt is "not optimal."
Trillion dollar deficits into the horizon are "not optimal."
Lowest workforce participation in a generation is "not optimal."
But four murdered Americans in US service is an atrocity, a damn shame, and a scandal.

If only the president protected the ambassadors that serve America like he protects a tax-demanding bird that entertains children. More votes in the bird, I guess.

"And he was a bad barber in high school...and he hates Big Bird! And, and BINDERS!!! DID YOU HEAR...

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