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“My attitude is I don't care if it's legal, it's wrong,” Obama said in July, referring to companies that have moved their headquarters outside the U.S.; adding that he views them as “corporate deserters.” Curiously, these same liberals cheered and continue to cheer, actual deserters from the U S military who fled and continue to flee to Canada to avoid carrying out their sworen oath.
This is typical of liberals...they soil their own nest and then, having learned nothing of why their abode stinks, they move on and bring their voting habits with them. A swarm of locusts is also a good anology.
You seem to be repeating the tired old line of liberals everywhere...the Tea Party is racist. You have just shown me more evidence that you are an imbecile than you have evidence that Tea Party people are racist.
Couldn't agree more! It would send exactly the right message if these souless business people who hire illegals were seen being frog-marched out of court and straight to jail. And little Mikey can shove his "show me your papers" meme. If a cop has reason to suspect that someone is an illegal, that person should have to prove their status. For the record, I'm ok with having to prove my status (and I would hope most reasonable people would be, too) in order to rid this country of the plague of illegal aliens.
Are really going to make the case that women in Pakistan are treated anywhere close to equal with men? Seriously?
Obama was a U.S. Senator and allegedly wrote a couple of books, too ....how has that worked out for us, Skippy? I guess if you're a socialist/Marxist you'd say we are on the right path. Sane people would say he has been a disaster and Hillary would be more of the same (see above article for accomplishments as Sec. of State).
Ask "Steve from CA". He's either a ignorant fool or a blatant liar....or both, being from CA and all.
One thing is for sure, none of the Bushes have ever lived in a neighborhood that has been over run by illegal aliens or worked at a job site where no English is spoken and shoddy workmanship is the rule. I have (both) and will never, EVER, vote for another Bush.
That may be what it takes...for conditions to get so bad that the illegals (and they are at the root of Californias' problems) decide that Mexico looks better and they vamonos. Of course, we in Arizona, will need to build a fence to keep Calif. illegals from fleeing east instead of south....after all, we have our own problems with the "undocumented".
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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Dan427 Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 1:24 AM
I wish you were wrong but, sadly, you have nailed it,except I doubt it will take ten years.
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