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Nanny Logic: Let's Throw People in Jail For Labeling Food Incorrectly

Dan369 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 12:54 PM
Exactly. How many smokers have purchased a pack of cigarettes and then, after reading the warning label, said, "Oh wow, I didn't know these were bad for you, I better throw them away."
justme16 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 1:59 PM
Better yet, how many saw the labels. KNEW the dangers, smoked pack after pack anyway and then filed suit to get compensation for the damage they were warned over and over again...and finally suffered the consequences. Kind of like blaming the people who repeatedly tell you, hey, don't tail gate...and when in the process of driving too close you rear end someone , blame the person who warned you, or the auto manufacturer or the person you hit from behnid...but heaven forbid should the person who did the deed be held accountable...The goal hear is to create a massive co-dependent society and they already know they can't sustain it. Ergo the behind the scenes talk is POPULATION REDUCTION...Yet they never include themselves for reduction.
olddoc4444 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 1:44 PM
Perhaps when we go to a carnival and order a funnel cake, the government warning can be scribed using the greasy batter itself? Perhaps I can have a government grant to develop the technology. With Solyndra gone, there's probably all kinds of money lying around.

Leah touched on this yesterday, but I think it deserves another look. The Food and Drug Administration has proposed new labeling requirements that would make labeling mistakes a federal crime complete with jail time for violators.

If the Food and Drug Administration gets its way, your trip to the grocery store could get a tad pricier.

The rule stems from an ObamaCare mandate that restaurants provide nutrition information on menus. Most in the restaurant industry were supportive of the idea, but when the FDA decided to extend the provision to also affect thousands...