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This administration is plain garbage.
Might as well start planning on your IRS audit.
Every time they try, the DOJ sues them.
Maybe he can "pivot" again to unemployment - his own the sooner the better!
Carney is a joke. Any connection between him and any truth, is purely accidental.
Typical lefty policy - "Give me lots of money without any plan in place and I'll spend it on something else entirely, then tell you I need more."
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Poll: Is Mark Pryor Pulling Away in AR?

Dan369 Wrote: May 12, 2014 6:41 PM
Why do the polls never include all the dead that vote?
Idiot. Plain and simple.
They didn't ask me, so make it 66%.
That's offensive to Sea Hags everywhere.
She need to be perp-walked right in front of IRS headquarters, so the rest of them understand what happens when they choose to violate the law.
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