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That's offensive to Sea Hags everywhere.
She need to be perp-walked right in front of IRS headquarters, so the rest of them understand what happens when they choose to violate the law.
Apparently Stanford is against anything to do with integrity.
She doesn't have the voters or supporters to win elections. You might want to look up the story in Town Hall about the voter fraud in her district.
Compound the price increase by the amount it costs to transport with the new federal requirements for trucking companies and we should see a significant increase at the grocery store.
Idiot - plain and simple!
Nice strawman - never happened!
If it had been working the way it was supposed to, he wouldn't have had to "change" the law 17 times - illegally.
She is right for the most part - the democrats are responsible for: high unemployment, massive debt, racial tensions......
This should make Holder pleased. He has already pressed to make sure that the "caucasions" are suspended at an equal rate as the "minorities".
Does a killer get to claim "privacy rights" or that "you don't get to tell me what to do" after they are arrested?
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