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Every time they try, the DOJ sues them.
Maybe he can "pivot" again to unemployment - his own the sooner the better!
Carney is a joke. Any connection between him and any truth, is purely accidental.
Typical lefty policy - "Give me lots of money without any plan in place and I'll spend it on something else entirely, then tell you I need more."
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Poll: Is Mark Pryor Pulling Away in AR?

Dan369 Wrote: May 12, 2014 6:41 PM
Why do the polls never include all the dead that vote?
Idiot. Plain and simple.
They didn't ask me, so make it 66%.
That's offensive to Sea Hags everywhere.
She need to be perp-walked right in front of IRS headquarters, so the rest of them understand what happens when they choose to violate the law.
Apparently Stanford is against anything to do with integrity.
She doesn't have the voters or supporters to win elections. You might want to look up the story in Town Hall about the voter fraud in her district.
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