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Wait till she finds out she has to pay to subsidize the likes of harry reid. Although, technically they are both in the same profession!
My only question is, "Where do they find the stupid 37% - are they polling the White House?"
I'll bet the part that takes your money works 100% of the time. It may not get to the insurance companies, but you won't have it either!
Typical outrage by low-information twits who think lions only live in zoos and star in the cartoon movie Lion King.
What do you suppose he meant, when he said "fundamentally transform" America?
Because Townhall has standing to file a lawsuit based on.......?
Or they could claim that the Unions are an ongoing criminal organization, extorting the population, and that they don't have to pay benefits, as the money has been seized.
This mess brought to you by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama!
Obamacare will help get lots of democrats elected. If by "democrats", you mean republicans.
So exactly what is Lauer's opinion of the Second Amendment? I'm pretty sure that is the "Law of the Land" - shouldn't the left just "move on"?
Does anyone really question why this law, passed in 2009, wasn't designed to take effect until after the 2012 election? And what's the democratic response when the turd floats? Lets push it back until after the 2014 election cycle.
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