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With this administration and Holder in the DOJ, they are probably going to charge the whistleblowers.
Lets see how much he spends when it's comming out of his own pocket.
Didn't they get the word from the administration, they are supposed to be on the run.
Millions for lawyers, but no doctors for veterans. Great democrat plan.
So the plan is an internet video?
Put the IRS commissioner in a cell, then ask the next one how long it will take.
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Susan Rice: Fool Us Twice?

Dan369 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 1:15 PM
Was anyone really fooled by this garbage spouting idiot? There is no use in listening to anything the clowns in this administration say - pretty much every word is a lie.
Well, if anyone would know disfunctional, it would be pelosi's daughter!
Come on, give the president a break, he didn't learn about the prisoner swap until he heard about it on the news!
This administration is plain garbage.
Might as well start planning on your IRS audit.
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