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Dear Monica

Dan369 Wrote: Oct 23, 2014 1:41 PM
I would have to disagree with the portion of the article that says she was only victimized by herself and President Clinton. You know Hillary was in on the destruction of her, just as she did with all the other women Clinton sexually assaulted or had affairs with.
They need to start in Sheila Jackson-Lee's district!
He should be awaiting the confirmation while sitting in a cell.
Oh look! Exactly what Conservatives said would happen.
Joanna Fernandez is obviously a racist. No different than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. When you can't compete on an even field, you try to drag down everyone else.
Time for Congress to stop all funding going to anything but the deportation of illegal immigrants. I'm pretty sure every country in Central America has a US Embassy, they can go there and apply for entry - as a refugee or any other status they desire.
I propose that if the white house feels it is important that women receive birth control at no cost, they can transfer the funds from the president's protective detail to pay for it.
Put her in general population and tell her to let the investigator know when she is ready to talk.
STUDENT DEBT. No one forced anyone to ASK for a loan. Take some responsibility! You or you're daughter took the loan, they got the "education" - don't whine when you have to pay for it. No one else is getting the paycheck based on the education she received.
I trying to get her to sponser my bill to tax at 90% anyone that falsely claimed "Native American" status to gain tenure at a university. - But she won't return my calls.
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