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2013 Deficit Spending Nearly $5 Billion Per Day

Dan 292 Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 12:44 PM
And, frankly, the RINOs are not one iota better. There is not one vertebre in the composit backbone of the entire bunch. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!

Just two months into FY 2013, the government has racked up nearly $300 billion of red ink – nearly $5 billion per day of deficit spending – a virtual guarantee of the fifth consecutive year of deficit spending in excess of a trillion dollars.  With the economy barely expanding, the federal government is spending 4 percent more than the FY 2012 level.  Spending on the big three entitlement programs is up by more than 8 percent over just last year.  Interest on the debt is up 5%. 

Following is an excerpt from The Hill:

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