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Prager is trying to arm us with some Flood Story education before we let Hollywood try to do it. Whether you believe his take on it, or you think the story is all about a dead hippie with some carpentry skills, we ought to formulate our thoughts before going into the theater. Then we can evaluate the film in relation to our own idea of the story.
What does your resentment of giving money to Israel have to do with the topic of this story?
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Downton Abbey's Pro-Life Message

Dan1760 Wrote: Feb 17, 2014 3:23 AM
So she had relations outside of marriage and also helped the guy commit adultery, but she won't abort the baby. Okey dokey. At least she draws the line somewhere. Hanky panky is one thing, but extinguishing potential life is another.
if i was a parent, i would monitor what courses i am paying for and hold my kid accountable. in this case, the "professor" is raising them instead of the parent. and the taxpayer is picking up part of the bill. G-d help us all.
Imagine the glory of it. If you're attracted to the same sex, you get to share locker rooms and showers with the objects of your desire, and it's legal. How awesome is that?
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Did I Move?

Dan1760 Wrote: Feb 13, 2014 3:28 AM
Even if you seal the border tomorrow with a 300 foot tall wall, there are so many Third World individuals coming from other places, that it wouldn't matter. Plus, the people from south of the border can just do what they always do....come here on a tourist visa and never go home. I gave up already as you can see.
The point is that conservatives are not angry people for the most part. These guys are doing really well due to the free enterprise dynamism of their country. They live life on their own terms and don't make a big deal when something doesn't go their way. They love the hotel, their country and even the worker. I think it was also meant to contrast the Oprah story.
Good article, but I do want to distinguish certain things...It was an interesting case, because it involves a scenario that people who watch news and read newspapers may encounter. Most middle class news consumers do not live in the projects. But we do live in neighborhoods that may have a Neighborhood Watch program. The stuff going on in Chicago is geographically isolated from us, but the Zimmerman case is not. That's part of why it is "news." I'm not defending the media, but I do think that it's an interesting case and that it touches on something that the average news-consumer may actually have to deal with.
or first half-white pres. raised by a white bank president.
there are no consequences for actions in this world for a lot of bad people. an impeached guy with a record of sexual harassment, rape charges, and adultery is loved by millions. people think a half-white honolulu prep school brat raised by a white bank president is a cool brother from the streets of chicago. rice and power get promotions. weiner will probably run n.y. the only hope is that there is some justice in the next world.
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