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The Truth About France's 'Far-Right' Electoral Surge

dan17 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 10:57 AM
I believe the problem with the French stems from a depleted gene pool. The classic greatness of the French people of yore is long gone. Although this assertion may seem like outrageous hyperbole, and brand me as a xenophobe, I have to point out the possibility that the Germans killed off the young and vibrant of their society in two successive world wars, leaving behind the dregs. Couple that with the influx of an alien culture that insidiously usurps the traditional French culture, this is what you get. Okay, lighten up...I am only HALF serious!

Are the French getting their Tea Party on? That's what an outsider looking at the country's first-round presidential voting results might have been led to believe. But, as with many things French, the reality is très compliquée.

The weekend vote knocked out all but the two candidates long expected to square off in the May 6 final: Socialist Francois Hollande (28.6 percent) and incumbent center-right President Nicolas Sarkozy (27.2 percent). This isn't the story, though. The most striking news is the 17.9 percent score by Marine Le Pen's National Front party. That's even better than her father Jean-Marie's best showing of...