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Fundamental Transformation

dan17 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 8:37 AM
like to be treated ourselves. The above principals, codified in the Constitution, are what the Founders were trying to achieve, thus giving us a chance to live unfettered by the threat of force, not only from our government, but our neighbor as well. And that is why I am a committed Constitutionalist. That is why the only hope for America is to return to the basic principals outlined in our founding documents. And finally, that is why I have lowered the Stars and Stripes of Old Glory, and replaced it with the original Gadsden flag of the revolution, that proclaims: "Don't tread on me!" I will return Old Glory to it's rightful place when my country regains it's moral compass. I fervently hope that it is not too late.

Book 15 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses contains a little synopsis of his epic, and of his Pythagorean philosophy: “nothing in all the world remains unchanged. All things are in a state of flux, all shapes receive a changing nature. Time itself glides on with constant motion, ever as a flowing river. Neither river nor the fleeting hour can stop its constant course. But, as each wave drives on a wave, as each is pressed by that which follows, and must press on that before it, so the moments fly, and others follow, so they are renewed. The moment which moved on before...