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Perhaps if there weren't so many laws to enforce, police intervention would only be appropriate for violent crimes. Then we would have a higher degree of certainty that the use of force was justified.
I can think of one example where the unarmed win the battle. Liberals, unarmed with facts, spout dogma which the uninformed believe. Hopefully, while liberals seem to be winning battles, hopefully they won't win the war.
Democrats support higher minimum wage laws because that means the government collects more payroll taxes.
It doesn't look like Ms. Poppins took into account the free room and board, and why is her employer to blame for her standard of living, she listed several taxes that she had to pay out of her check....if she didn't have so many taxes wouldn't she have more money? However, it's obvious that the left thinks the only way to sustain their vote buying spending is to deflate the currency to postpone the debt time bomb.
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CPAC 2014: Focus On The Big Three Things

Dan1580 Wrote: Mar 06, 2014 3:16 PM
Guess what has two thumbs and won't vote for Jeb Bush? 200+ million Americans
Of course progressives want higher minimum wage laws, it makes it look like they care, however, their real intent is to stave off bankruptcy. As wages rise, tax receipts to the treasury rise, social security, medicare, and income taxes collected rise along with the minimum wage, the progressives are advocating policy that allows them to continue to grow government.
49 slaves, take that! I hereby issue an updated emancipation proclamation! I free myself from liberal BS logic like this survey, their definition of slave is way off, the $1.00 per day electronics assemblers earn is China is a better living than they could earn otherwise, many are grateful to have those jobs. Shut-up hippies.
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Obamacare and the Price of Bad Habits

Dan1580 Wrote: Dec 31, 2013 12:29 PM
Repeal ASAP Replace with the free market. People making decisions based on their own interests and companies competing to serve those interests will work. Only when busy-body politicians get involved in regulating markets do the unintended consequences cause distortions that politicians use to justify additional interventions. Like recovering from a skid on black ice, the repeated over-corrections cause a result much worse than no intervention at all.
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Republicans Need To Grow Up About Taxes

Dan1580 Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 5:29 PM
Gas prices are already artificially high due to government interference in the market, devaluation of the dollar, and environmental regulations. If gas was cheaper, I might be willing to chip in another nickle a gallon, but man with an 80 mile a day commute, that adds up fast.
Everyone who isn't an agenda driven statist needs to repeat this: "Every American worker was forced to cut their budget 2% this year when the payroll taxes went up. Is it too much to ask that the federal government cut the same 2% from their spending as the people they 'serve' "
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