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Johmn, you are delusional if you think anyone can DEBATE Islamoidiots. They feel their pedophile prophet had a direct line to god, when it was, in reality all he had was a direct line to his pants. So you will attempt to debate they will attempt to murder you yelling “Allah Akbar, ya ya ya ya ya” instead.
By being tied up and set on fire.
Term limits would require a Constitutional Amendment, what Congressman is going to vote to limit his/her own gravy train job? And don't bring up State Conventions to Amend because those cannot be of limited scope so people might want to Amend for term limits and end up without a 1st and 2nd Amendment and lifetime terms for Congress and the Senate.
They tried that, remember sequestration? The Republicans were blamed for all the national parks shutting down, the WH shut down, and all the LIV believed BHO that all that could be avoided if the House funded N0zer0care.
Planned Parenthood is against OTC birth control because then it is not paid for by health insurance, and it cannot lobby DHS to make it "without cost" like N0zer0care did with yearly physicals and colonoscopys.
Harry Truman was not the last POTUS to fight to win, he did not let MacArthur fight to win in Korea, he sacked D. M. because he feared him politically, and he was afraid of Red China.
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The Post Obama Recovery Begins Here

Dan1313 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 4:38 PM
They are also out spent 100 to 1 and demonized by the lame stream media.
No not educate INDOCTRINATE!!
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Mob Rule Economics

Dan1313 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 11:52 AM
There is another reason unions support a higher minimum wage; many union contracts call for automatic wage increases whenever there is an increase in the minimum wage and most are NOT dollar for dollar but rather the percentage increase. I.e. a minimum wage increase from, for example from $10.00/hr. to $11.00/hr. does not mean the union wages go up $1.00/hr. but they go up 10%; from $25.00/hr. to $27.50/hr. or from $50.00 to $55.00 and so forth. So any increase in minimum wages result in much higher wages for union members, without having to fight for a new contract.
Or we can just call them school #1 vs. school #2, just skip over school #13, like buildings that do not have a 13th floor. Can't you hear the cheers now Go School #145!! rah rah!
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