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Dissenters in a One-Party Statehouse

Dan1313 Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 9:09 PM
They will just raise taxes on working people to pay non-working people, that will vote for them.
The problem with comprehensive immigration reform is multi-fold: 1. Any bill that the House passes that is different than the Senate Bill will go to conference, where any safeguards placed in by the House will be removed and the Senate bill will go to the house as a clean bill. 2. Any bill that denies citizenship to immigrants even IF it were to survive a conference committee would be struck down in court as un-constitutional under the equal protection clause. 3. Any and all fines and penalties will be waived by Obama. 4. Any background checks would overwhelm the FBI they cannot even keep up with back ground checks on people needing security clearance; at most they will send a request to the aliens’ home country for a background check, a clean record in most 3rd world countries can be bought for less than $100.00 US. 5. Most 3rd world immigrants LIKE AND WANT BIG GOVERNMENT. I.e.: a. They many universal FREE Government healthcare. b. They want government housing subsidies. c. They want Food Stamps. d. They want “In-state tuition” at colleges, taxpayer money. e. They will overwhelm State K thru 12 education systems both taxpayer money and additional courses like English as a second Language and La Raza Studies. 6. They will be 20 million more Democrat votes that will demand higher taxes and more government services.
In the video feed associated with this article Sharpless, regarding N0b0z0’s unaffordable healthcare, states 8,000,000 people signed up for care however, he neglects to mention the 6,000,000 people who LOST their insurance; nor the people who signed up for Medicaid; or simply changed insurance. He also fails to discuss the reason for N0b0z0care itself, 48,000,000 UNINSURED PEOPLE, if 8,000,000 signed-up; minus 6,000,000 who lost their insurance equals 2,000,000 TOTAL newly insured; this leaves 46,000,000 STILL UNINSURED.
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As Obamacare Goes, So Goes Obama

Dan1313 Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 9:31 PM
The ONLY way this POS law will "work" is if all tax paying people have their taxes raised to European levels 75 - 80%. Who is going to want to work hard, long hours; time away from family and friends are only 20 to 25% of all the money they earn? Are people going to work 85 to 90 hours a week to make $250,000/year only to pay $200,000 in tax?
How about making appointments to the NLRB WITHOUT The US Senate, while they WERE IN SESSION, how about changing laws without Congressional approval; need I go on?
Patriotism is being proud of your country; of thinking what you can do, voluntarily, to improve it, key is voluntarily. Not a country that “takes care of you from cradle to grave.” Patriotism is rouged individualism, doing it yourself, not because big brother is forcing you, like requiring middle aged men with vasectomies to buy pediatric dental insurance; or women past menopause to buy insurance for breast pumps; or private companies to provide their employees’ with contraception coverage (FREE). Patriotism is expecting your government to keep our boarders secure. To insure the ONLY people receiving ANY government assistance are LEGAL; to do away with the tax exempt status of any organization that assists illegal’s’.
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Our Arrogant President

Dan1313 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 3:14 PM
The problem with this country started with the Fifteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, which eliminated the need to own property to vote. With the 15th Amendment all males could vote. This was exacerbated by the Ninetieth Amendment which extended voting rights to women and capped off with The Voting Rights Act of 1964. As Robert A. Heinlein pointed out: all warm blooded democracies; democracies where all warm bodied citizens can vote, whether they be producer or parasite, and all votes count equally. That democracy will vote themselves “bread and circuses” until they are bankrupt.
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How Can Anyone Trust Obama?

Dan1313 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 12:38 PM
35% of the American public will believe ANYTHING N0b0z0 says and approve ANYTHING he does. N0b0z0 could rape, murder and dismember someone on the WH lawn, with national TV coverage and the LIV would blame it on his frustration with the Republican’s in Congresses failure to pass his agenda. A bigger problem with trusting what he says, or does behind the Congresses back is what he may do with Senate support after the November elections. He can get Dirty Harry to stack every court in the country, except the SCOTUS, which still requires a super-majority in the Senate, with radical left-wing judges. He and Dirty will control so many courts that the SCOTUS will be over-whelmed with appeals and , they will have to let far, far left decisions stand. These cases will come back to haunt us for decades.
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