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The Tingle's Gone, Baby

Dan107 Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 4:11 AM
Obama's problem, assuming he is interested in fixing the problems of America, is that he has painted himself into a corner because the only way to get out from under the falling economy is to adopt conservative ideas. If he is not interested in fixing the problems of America, well then, he'll just carry on doing what he is doing to destroy this country.
Matt in N.C. Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 5:09 AM
He's not. He wants the country to be more humble (except the ruling class), more "fair" (except the ruling class), less powerful (except the ruling class), less wealthy (except the ruling class), less greedy (except the ruling class), and more like Europe -- but ironically less European. He wants the majority of us working for, or otherwise dependent on, government and voting for ever more government. He wants the rest of us working for his cronies in businesses too big to fail. He wants the country to adore him as the savior who keeps the checks coming, and he wants the world to revere him as the larger-than-life figure who finally put America in its place.
James761 Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 4:48 AM
Even history has proven that the biggest & baddest of Big Governments had to resort to conservative ideas at some point, because the true story is that Big Government DESTROYS a nation's prosperity & society, not contributes to it.

Check out the history of Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany & many others throughout human history...Even the most Statist rulers had to adopt at least some forms of conservatism just to make their rule sustainable, even if only for a little while longer.

Obama’s latest mea culpa just confirms how far gone this presidency is.

In an interview with CBS’s Charlie Rose, Obama says that the problem he’s had isn’t with the failed policies of his first term, but rather that he failed “to tell a story to the American people,” according to a report in the Christian Science Monitor.

"The mistake of my first term – couple of years – was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. And that's important. But the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American...

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