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Obama’s Rat Madness

Dan107 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 8:55 AM
Pat. The Inflation index, as figured by the government is very low, the lowest it has been in years. You didn't buy 15 gallons of gasoline for $80. You also didn't eat any food.

The New York Times has published a science and technology story about Duke researchers who have used one animal’s brain to get another animal to react.

In One Rat Thinks, and Another Reacts, the Times writer James Gorman reports that “Miguel Nicolelis, known for successfully demonstrating brain-machine connections, like the one in which a monkey controlled a robotic arm with its thoughts, said this was the first time one animal’s brain had been linked to another.”

Well, Nicolelis may know rat research, but he’s not in politics.

If he was, he’d recognize that getting one rat to think and another...