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4% growth rate and 209,000 jobs creates aren't even in the same zip code when it comes to the scope and direction of the American economy. Which one is a lie? I'm guessing the 4% number.
Hillary is holding her under a Not very nice things will happen yo you and yours if you run threat.
That is so laughable that the unions are holding on with clenched fists the idea that the administration is seeking to reduce anything...
...It's not like the lives... Are over....
It's not. Like the lives of these women who failed the physical test is over. The do have options. They can become tenured professors of Womyn's Studies programmes, teach pornography classes and beat up teenagers who have pro-life values. There is life after failed tests...!
Women aren't restricted from playing. All they have to do is make the team.
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The Loophole is Obama

Dan107 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 10:20 AM
There are laws on the books that forbid illegal aliens from receiving government aid. These laws are nullified by the law enforcement branch of the U.S. Government.
The guy who sells me my weapons from the trunk of his car on S. Michigan had yet to give me a background check form to fill out. Lars.
You can't even acknowledge that giving preferences in jobs and other social opportunities based on skin colour is racist. However, you do acknowledge that there is an inherent incompetency and ignorance in blacks that prevent them from acquiring the ability to get voter IDs. Nice try, Ess.
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