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They have a better chance of doing that under republican leadership than under the progressive/dems. 5% is far better than 0%.
What the GOP will do is to free up the debate on proposed bills. Harry Reid will no longer be the presidents sergeant-at-arms tasked with preventing hills passes by the House from ever seeing the light of day. Force Obama to use his veto. Show the country his character. Also, a GOP control of the Senate will prevent Eric Holder, or any other left wing elitists from becoming a Supreme Court justice.
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Ferguson, the Insurgency Grows

Dan107 Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 6:47 AM
It seems that Eric Holder will soon be freed up to lead a New Black Panther squad against civil authority.
Shaus, don't be so cruel. All were asking is: Just Give Starvation a Chance Chipolte Lennon/Oko
The percentage of Americans who rescinded their citizenship also went up.
Their go-to distractions are always another mind boggling attempt to cover up another scandal.
Ordered into the back of the car by Tony and Guido is just an invitation to go sightseeing.
Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren said the exact same thing...
Why can't they clean up their own rubbish they leave behind after their, "Save the Planet," rallies?
Those deputies would be alive today if the government designated that motel car park a gun free zone.
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