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I'm not too happy myself, right about now. I just bought some property about 630 ft above sea level after gore and Ilk promised me that it would be beachfront property by a week from Thursday.
The press secretary had to point out that the WH has shown legitimate cooperation? As compared to the usual stonewalling?
Maybe we can challenge Barack intellectually by showing him a map of gulf coast states of the U.S. And have him label which one is a South Carolina.
Just another example of the Obama passive-aggression on display. This time, it just happened to,be directed at democrats. No one, and I mean no one, (except President Valerie) tells Obama what to do.
Hard to understand why. It's not like it is attached to anything...
The president is campaigning, but, surprise, surprise, he seems to be campaigning for himself. Though he is not running for anything...
The low informationals don't know it is going on.
Even U.S. Freakin Today is off the plantation...
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