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Maybe Boehner has invited Bibi to both houses of Congress to ask him how the Israelis manage to prevent radical Islamist terrorists from blowing up their planes without feeling up grandmothers from Dubuque Iowa.
If the democrats won the Senate, Harry Reid wouldn't have any eyes left...!
What a great big, collective, bowl of jelly these progressives are...
Compare the courage and devotion of a Yazidis woman with that of an American feminazi...
Have been for years, Bobby.
The same sentiment that was revealed in early Nov of 2014.
You wouldn't need sniper skills for that creation. It would be good practice for beginners.
I just picked up an old oil burner at an estate sale.
Two guys free-climb El Capitan. Obama acknowledges their achievement by sending them a picture of Obama, adoringly gazing at a painting of El Capitan. Who does that sh!t??
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Conservatives Rethink Liberty Vs. Order

Dan107 Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 7:47 PM
I would love to comment, Brigand, on the links you've provided, but I'm not allowed. I am standing outside my campus free speech zone...
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