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Obama Mocks Tax Cuts

damnation Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 7:58 PM
The Heritage Foundation disagrees with you Anne1. But since when did facts matter to conservatives?
Panda Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 8:00 PM
To all Liberals:

Say a wealthy American has $10 million. To build in America, costs are sky-high in:

Corporate tax rate
EPA Compliance
Labor costs
Regulatory burdens
Lawsuit protection

This wealthy American must compete in a global marketplace against foreign competitors having none of these disadvantages, so WHAT'S YOUR PLAN TO GET THIS PERSON TO CREATE JOBS HERE?

What are you offering, Liberals? Higher taxes on job creators? Rates we used when competition for their investment wasn't this global? Wow.

Don’t whine about the unfairness of other nations—whining doesn’t create jobs. And don’t talk about how America’s such a nice place, since that only angers those who are paying for it all.

Just tell me your offer.

Do you feel like you're taxed enough already? Do you feel like you work for the government more and more each year, rather than yourself? Do you feel like you should be able to keep more of your own money while the government takes less? If so, President Obama mocked you today at a campaign event in Ohio.

In his Eden Park speech, Obama mocked the Republicans for having only one answer for everything.

“Tax cuts in good times, tax cuts in bad times. Tax cuts in peace, tax cuts in war. Want to...