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Sorry, I tend to jump to extremes. I like Jamestown as an example of economic incentives, that's why I always go to the 'no work no eat' thing.
Haha! I love that argument. "You sir/m'am, are permanently damaging this child by teaching them to be dependent in a safe cocoon. They will never learn the necessary skills to fend for one's self, the incentive of the fear you will not be eating if you do not provide it yourself will never take root in them, and therefore they are imbued with a handicap, that of which children who's parents train them to work, to shoot, to be independent and resourceful, will not have. They will be severely disadvantaged in the job marketplace, as will they in every aspect of life. You should be in jail."
Although I sincerely hope she runs! It would be either fantastic to see her lies bring or down, or I could yet again sink into despair and depression as the people don't care...
I never read anywhere that it turned out she 'may have had indian blood'. Did she finally answer Twila Barnes' questions somewhere?
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Measles, Vaccines and Autism

Damien4 Wrote: Feb 10, 2015 9:57 AM
I haven't formally heard of that (low fat theory), but that sure strikes a chord with me. Our brain is 20% cholesterol by weight (I'm recalling this, hopefully accurately), and our body needs fat for a lot of essential vitamins to be absorbed. Cholesterol is needed for every cell function in the body. Here's a good looking site, which I briefly read two of it's pages and it lines up very well with all my other reading:
He sure seemed like it when he stormed the comment section a little while ago! But then if you read his comments, they have substance. There is no sugarcoating from him. That is the kind of attitude that turns heads and forces thoughts, regardless of your ideology. We need more people thinking critically these days.
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Damien4 Wrote: Feb 04, 2015 10:52 AM
If our fighting force is strong and trained, capable of surgical strike anywhere in the world- and our capability is well known, it acts a a disincentive to mess with us. The best defense is a strong offense, right?
I'm a millennial... You guys are pretty spot on. On FadesBook I have offered up to anyone reading my posts, "I will buy and ship a copy of Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics to you- you just have to promise to read it and discuss with me what you agree and disagree with, and why." No takers. Although there are the hardcore freedom minded among us- I feel they are just few and far in between... I wonder if Katie is single?? :P
I've done a little digging on this "Scott Walker supports amnesty" thing, and the whole smear job seems to spring from a hypothetical question asked to him by an interviewer, and then his response has been twisted to mean "HE WANTS AMNESTY!". It's more like he's saying, "Everyone came to America from somewhere, for the American dream of choosing one's own destiny. If people want to come here legally, work here legally, and pay taxes and be productive members of our society, then I want them here. If they are not following the law, they should be held accountable- our laws must be enforced."
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How To “Fix” The Super Bowl

Damien4 Wrote: Feb 01, 2015 10:41 AM
Curse the Romans for inventing a number system!
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Defense Against Demagogues

Damien4 Wrote: Jan 28, 2015 12:55 PM
It was some sort of joke along the lines of, "WTF is the New Yorker's beef with my business? Why can't they just let me do my job, I don't bother them!"
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