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I am the kind of libertarian who enjoys the comfort of bad(good) men ready to drop from the sky at night and do violence on my behalf. It does not necessarily alienate them- it is a response to an attack, or perceived immediate violence.
Hey now people, libertarians and conservatives are on the same side! We all want the US Constitution to reign supreme, and for our officials to obey their oaths. I am some kind of conservative libertarian, and while I have agreed with Dr. Paul on a lot of things in the past, he would then keep talking past the good point and make me smack my forehead. Birdman hit on this earlier: Regardless of which corner of liberty you view from, the will and resolve of the people must be there to follow through. The rules of engagement, as I vaguely understand them, have stacked the deck against our forces. War is awful, unfair, brutal, savage, etc. We must make it unfair in our advantage, the will to survive and thrive dictates nothing else. I am unsure of Dr. Paul's details of foreign policy, but I believe it has potential to work IF: We resolve to act with swift and brutal force to those who dare attack us. We use our best and most devastating weapons and tactics to create an example of those who would see us fall. We keep our military strong, and at the ready. Setting up countries to become more successful is agonizing, yet freedom is an idea which cannot be extinguished. It is the ultimate goal of the resolve to fight, win, and survive. I do agree that more countries like us is more likely to lead to a peaceful and prosperous global community. I believe that these people in repressed parts of the world yearn for freedom like we have. Foreign policy is tricky, and I will not pretend to understand or know much of it. It is not my specialty. I teach music. I am quite certain that conservatives and libertarians are on the same team, however. I believe (being some kind of mix myself, I know there are some difficult aspects of freedom within society to reconcile) people don't fall squarely into one camp or the other. We shouldn't try to generalize about anyone, and to keep our attacks on the statists, while discussing our differences and solutions amongst ourselves.
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Ding! We have a winner. "It is a privilidge to work hard". If you have this outlook, chances are you are doing OK.
HA! And they tell me conservatives don't smoke pot. Nice pipe dream guys! (Seriously though, I'm like you guys- a dreamer).
Hi Bird, thanks for the response. I see your point. I was more arguing that people are born with things they cannot control. You stated that you believed such things did not exist. Either people cannot control defects which happen in them, or they can. If we could, I don't think anyone would be defective (except for those of us BECAUSE WE CAN).
People are born with 'some things' they cannot control, all the time. We have unfortunate souls who do not have the mental capacity to function in society, and need care. We have those with physical birth defects. Some can be caused by activity of the mother during pregnancy. How much control does an autistic child have over their condition at birth? Don't perceive me as arguing homosexuals are mentally defective. I don't know why it happens.
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The 7 Reasons America Became A Great Power

Damien4 Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 10:58 AM
If we really were, we could have dropped a nuke or two on North Korea, established our 'ruthlessness', and saved ourselves a couple of wars..
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Georgia Lawmakers Pass Sweeping Gun Bill

Damien4 Wrote: Mar 22, 2014 12:02 PM
Too clear. No wiggle room. Doesn't require a lawyer to understand. THREE STRIKES
AZhot- Well we're in luck for a turnaround! Since the NDAA declared all of mainland US a battlefield, lets get everyone moving! Don't even gotta leave town. traitorbill- Also I think because of this and the government pushing civil war in the NE that future battlefields have a good chance of becoming pools of American blood...
Some of us have good parents with good values. Some of us had them...
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