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lol @ midfielder. That sounds like a good way to get the public motivated and active within the community. Maybe, say, once a month- we hold the elections for who will be in charge of cleaning the park latrines on a daily basis for the next month. Anyone can be nominated, so long as they reside within the town*! *Exceptions may be made for those who make their livelihood there/have a consistent presence, but do not actually reside within the town proper. Town doesn't have latrines? Shovel ready jobs!
I thought the whole point of 'progressive' was to avoid binary thinking?
This organization will be in a good place for influence when the big split happens...
I'd like to thank you, Darby, for this informative link. I forced myself to read because I feel it is important. Very salient point, very... ghastly.
A rose by any other name...
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Megyn Kelly And The Abortion Phile

Damien4 Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 11:38 AM
This man has a good 'get our priorities straight' example in his two minute video: Endangered species (eagle) vs unborn human. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhlttWX42Hw
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Is Law Optional?

Damien4 Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 12:01 PM
I'm sure there are still people in college frats who would do a security escort today, however their numbers are few and far in between... Thanks for your story though. It inspires hope.
Harsh dig at the parents. (Sure, he said K-12, but anyone who can think past step one knows who's really responsible for a child's education)
He did, but isn't the main idea that we, as individuals, make these choices for ourselves? The have what are called 'gypsy' cabs, because they are not regulated - not held to the same high standards- and yet people still voluntarily use them. What if, every home kitchen, garage, basement, what-have-you start up business used a contract? Something like, 'I ____, understand as the customer that this product was produced in a non-regulated environment and possibly will not meet the standards of the state. I accept full responsibility for my actions, and absolve the vendor/business from any liability which may occur from my using or obtaining this product." We have a nice neighborhood, we bake things for friends, and they in turn drop things off for us to eat. I have known a professional cake baker who started in her home kitchen (illegally, but money was short!), some of the best cakes I ever ate. We should be FREE TO CHOOSE what fits our lives best, for us, by us. That sounds familiar?
I agree. I am quite cynical towards these charges, 40 years after the supposed fact. How sad it is, that most people paying attention automatically question these serious charges. The people mentioned (Bradley, Duke Lacrosse, etc) have seriously cheapened the charge, and all real instances of the crime. I can only hope Mr. Cosby fights back, fights the good fight, and does not let his name continue to be dragged through the mud. If it comes out these allegations are in fact true - take it from there. Innocent until proven guilty.
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