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Voters: Yeah, We Really Don't Care What Romney Did In High School

DameHartwright Wrote: May 24, 2012 10:23 AM
Becca, liberals post almost ONLY in conservative venues!!!! They're PAID to! It's called demoralizing the enemy. It's called making everyone think their numbers are far greater than they actually are. It's called distraction and sniper fire. It's called nipping at the heels, one of the most irritating things a "liberal animal" can do.
rauljg6 Wrote: May 24, 2012 11:27 AM
Well I post here and even though I'm not a liberal I disagree with almost every extreme view you all have yet I'm not getting paid. Where do I get this check at?

It my mind why go to a website where everyone agrees. I like debating people with differing views. Its called debating not distraction.

The best part?  This poll was commissioned by the very newspaper that ran the now-infamous 5,500-word 'bully' story on its front page a few weeks ago.  Sorry, WaPo -- voters aren't buying what you're selling.  Hit piece fail:

Most Americans by far dismiss the relevance of accusations that Mitt Romney bullied a high-school classmate, calling it off-point in the election debate – and indicating they’d say the same about Barack Obama’s behavior as a high-school student, as well. Three-quarters in this ABC News/Washington Post poll say the account of Romney’s high school behavior is...