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2 billion/1969 miles = $1,015,744 per mile. Build a dang fence or hire more agents to stop the flow first!
Time to unleash Chuck Norris...
This is about control. It's about the liberal elites in power in Washington testing the limits of what they can push on citizens of this country. It's a test to gauge how the new brown shirts can bully and intimidate and control. If the owner of the Washington "REDSKINS" conforms and changes the name, not a single fan should show up for a game, other than sitting outside the stadium in silent protest. ENOUGH!
Next week "Best Car Thief"? The week after that "Best Drug Dealer"? #LawLess
Umm... As an IT Professional, I'm going to call BS on this one. So both the sending and receiving mail servers are the same? BS. So all involved e-mail servers had a crash with no backups? Of course... we are dealing with government employees, so anything is possible.
No sympathy... Time to lie in the bed you made...
Picture included sums up all that is wrong in Washington. 4 dinosaur lifetime politicians in the Washington bubble completely out of touch with the realities that those they supposedly represent face in normal society. Sad that Kentucky failed to send Matt Bevin to out Mitch M.
Just threw up in my mouth reading that BS.
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