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Little Things Make up Character

DaleHogue Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 10:45 AM
Obama is a liar. Most everybody knows that - except a few million voters dwelling in the caverns of big cities of America. These nincompoops still aren't aware that Obama isn't as smart as he has been advertised. It's has become obvious that there are many more of these nincompoops than there are smartcompoops, so we are stuck with too many voters who still buy what the ugly mainstream media has been feeding us about this half-white fly by night con artist. As a result, half of the American electorate still doesn't have a clue as to why Obama is hiding his academic records from them. Liberal nutcases are still nutcases no matter how they a packaged by the left. And they will remain so forever and ever regardless of what Republicans do.

In his first four years it wasn’t so much the large things that defined him, as it was the little things. 

Embracing his father’s anti-colonial position, he immediately sent the previously bestowed bust of Winston Churchill back to London. 

After all, why would he want to look at a daily reminder of one of the greatest leaders of anti-fascism? 

Immediately upon election, he embarked upon an around-the-world apology tour.  Bowing to foreign potentates, he assured the Third World countries that we would try to be more like them, while treating...

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