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It's Time To Turn the Tables on this Presidential Bully

DaleHogue Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 12:07 PM
I know what the problem is! Barack Hussein Obama is a son-of-a-Black Muslim Arab slave trader who is passing himself off as a black African-American when he isn't even an American citizen. That confuses you, doesn't it? I don't blame you for being confused, but half of the voting public didn't take this into account before voting for a second term for this Chicago scam artist who - under the name of both Barry Soetoro and Barack Hussein Obama flunked all of his math classes from the fourth grade through his third year at Harvard Law School. The only class in elementary school and high school that interested Barry were the ones where Franklin D. Roosevelt was his hero in a wheel chair. Old Franklin D. wasn't very good at math, either!
gungy Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 1:40 PM
True, but FDR knew enough to understand collective bargaining with public unions was the road to fiscal meltdown. Later Democrats didn't give a rip about making the taxpayers pay for priveliged unions and saw a permanent political unholy alliance.
Something is very wrong in the world when the most dogmatic and inflexible president in recent memory can make unreasonable demands of his GOP budget opponents and yet be confident they'll be blamed for the impasse.

It is past time Barack Obama be held accountable for his intentionally irresponsible fiscal policies that are guaranteed to take us into national bankruptcy. It is outrageous enough that he is steering us into insolvency, but it is unbearable that he's fraudulently blaming the Republican Party for it to boot.

This is not a close call, and reasonable people, if they understood the facts, would not support...