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At what point in time will the women of the United States finally understand that the GOP does more for them than the President's own Democratic Socialist Party? Don't look for it to happen before the mid-term election on November 4th 2014. The Dems will be beating their drums about all they do for women that the Republicans don't do, however almost everything the Democrats and their Muslim President have to say about their support for equal pay for women is egregiously over rated beyond belief. Like the carnival barker says, 'you pay for the ticket and take your chances!' certainly applies to anything that Obama and the Democrats say they are doing for any and all the American females in the work force.
Here is a history lesson for all those who are interested in finding out the truth of the history of voter fraud. President Andrew Jackson formed what became the present day Democratic Party in 1828. Jackson believed that he could commit unlawful acts regarding the setting up of voting procedures and voting count and get away with this type of scam. These methods have been a big part of the way the Democratic Party conducted election campaigns from that day forward to this day. According to the political history of the United States nothing the Republican Party - founded in 1858 - even comes close to the use of the election fraud methods used by the Democratic Party throughout its entire history. Check the book "Political History of the United States" for other information of this sort. Most all of the founding fathers were opposed to the formation of "Political Alliances" for very good reasons.
Nope, I get my news from several news service to which I subscribe. You can subscribe to them if you desire. However, the news is not slanted as you claim, it is what it is and nothing you write in these little posting boxes will amount to a hill of beans when put up against the truth.
I read it and I responded to it. Party loyalty on your part is one of the reasons for the successful election scams by the Democratic Party.
None of your claims can be substantiated by facts. Shame on you! Your lying is as bad as the political party you obviously support.
(First sentence claim) There is plenty of evidence in this particular article. Where is your proof that this story will be debunked? And, where is your proof of any attempt by the Republican Party of voter fraud/
What is your evidence that the Republican Party engages in this type of voter fraud?
Barack Hussein Obama II is not and never has been a citizen of the United States of America. His father, Barack Hussein Obama I, a black Arab Muslim, - the sperm donor - was not legally married to Obama's mother because he was already married to two different women in Kenya. Barack Hussein Obama II is not an African American no matter what the mainstream media has told you. His name is not legally Barack Hussein Obama - it is Barry Soetoro. Barry Soetoro is a legal citizen of the country of Indonesia not the United States. Barry Soetoro attended 4 different schools as a foreign student using foreign student scholarships (Punahou Academy, Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School.) He WAS either a liar and thief or he WAS legally a FOREIGN student. He can't be both. Regardless of his legal status, he is not a legal citizen of the United States of American and is not eligible to hold ANY political or governmental position in the United States. As a result of this fact, he should be removed from his invalid position as president of the United States. Congress should impeach him or remove him from the White House in some other legal manner before the end of this calendar year. He should be tried and convicted of his illegal political scam and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth Kansas. To do otherwise is a sham and a federal crime by members of the United States Congress.
I don't care what the point of this article is, that is some information I wanted to disperse and I did.
I don't care what the limit is, because I don't give money to politicians of either Party.
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