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Barrack Hussein Obama - AKA Barry Soetoro - has always been a liar and he will continue to be a liar until after he has taken his last breath. Liars like this truly legal Indonesian citizen never change. He was a liar at the Punahou Academy in Hawaii where he and - his marijuana doper friends - broke every student citizenship rule in the Punahou citizenship rule book and were not punished. He applied and received money from foreign student scholarship funds to attend Punahou Academy and Occidental College, Columbia University as well as Harvard Law School. He claimed to be a professor of Law at a Law school in the city of Chicago when he was nothing more than a substitute teacher. He lied about his grades and what he good student he was in each of these schools he attended, but he - or his handlers - has spent a great deal of money to ensure that his academic records are hidden from the American voters. He MAY NOT have been telling lies about what he planned to do to destroy America's Constitutional Republican Government because that is what he is NOW doing. He and his handlers will destroy the United States by destroying the Constitution of the United States - something they are now doing on a daily basis. The American people can STOP this destruction by voting all of his supporters out of office this November 4th or they can sit on their hands and do nothing while our ship of state sinks beneath the surface of Obama's ocean of lies and misrepresentations.
If we had just one person with guts in our government who had the power to dethrone the lacks and the hacks with a wave of his hand, then I wouldn't worry as much as I do. However, the lacks and the hacks outnumber those with brains and those who are sane which leaves us with a government of lugs and thugs who know only how to bully their way through the day. Sad to say, "death to tyranny" chants won't cut it any more unless those with the pitchforks and torches also have the strength and the 'know how' to bring about the destruction of those in our government who will do us harm if we allow them to have the power to destroy and the force to destroy and the means to destroy our Constitutional Republican form of government. Some of the People of the United States allowed a half-breed non-American citizen to hold elective office and those of us who knew - at the time he was running for office - that he was going to do what he said he would do to our method of governing ourselves. Too many of us did little or nothing to stop this self-proclaimed Messiah and we are now paying the price for our weakness and our fear of being on the wrong side of history. John Wilkes Booth said, "One bullet, well placed will do the job that full armies could not do in a war that lasted for more than five years." He was on the wrong side of history, for his method destroyed the only means by which this nation could repair what it had done to itself. Are we at this point in the time frame we have been allotted in our nation's history? Only God knows and He may no longer care enough about us to interfere on our behalf.
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Hillary Clinton and HerStory's Cover-Ups

DaleHogue Wrote: May 05, 2014 10:14 AM
It makes little difference in the attitude of the common, everyday citizen concerning any political shenanigans if the mainstream media members don't pound away at the very politicos that the public distrusts. Never in the history of the United States has this been more true than it is today. Imagine, if you will, electing a non-American citizen to the highest office in the land simply because he is black, even though he doesn't have even one of the many qualifications needed to be successful in this position, then ignore his stupid mistakes and arrogant attitude when he turns out to be the worst example of what is needed to be a good president and you may then begin to understand what our basic problem is regarding 'election fraud in spades' when the voters elect somebody merely because he is black or she is a woman. How many times must We The People ignore such ignorance before doing what has to be done to rid our everyday life of this political nonsense beyond belief?
At what point in time will the women of the United States finally understand that the GOP does more for them than the President's own Democratic Socialist Party? Don't look for it to happen before the mid-term election on November 4th 2014. The Dems will be beating their drums about all they do for women that the Republicans don't do, however almost everything the Democrats and their Muslim President have to say about their support for equal pay for women is egregiously over rated beyond belief. Like the carnival barker says, 'you pay for the ticket and take your chances!' certainly applies to anything that Obama and the Democrats say they are doing for any and all the American females in the work force.
Here is a history lesson for all those who are interested in finding out the truth of the history of voter fraud. President Andrew Jackson formed what became the present day Democratic Party in 1828. Jackson believed that he could commit unlawful acts regarding the setting up of voting procedures and voting count and get away with this type of scam. These methods have been a big part of the way the Democratic Party conducted election campaigns from that day forward to this day. According to the political history of the United States nothing the Republican Party - founded in 1858 - even comes close to the use of the election fraud methods used by the Democratic Party throughout its entire history. Check the book "Political History of the United States" for other information of this sort. Most all of the founding fathers were opposed to the formation of "Political Alliances" for very good reasons.
Nope, I get my news from several news service to which I subscribe. You can subscribe to them if you desire. However, the news is not slanted as you claim, it is what it is and nothing you write in these little posting boxes will amount to a hill of beans when put up against the truth.
I read it and I responded to it. Party loyalty on your part is one of the reasons for the successful election scams by the Democratic Party.
None of your claims can be substantiated by facts. Shame on you! Your lying is as bad as the political party you obviously support.
(First sentence claim) There is plenty of evidence in this particular article. Where is your proof that this story will be debunked? And, where is your proof of any attempt by the Republican Party of voter fraud/
What is your evidence that the Republican Party engages in this type of voter fraud?
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