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The Lions will be eating Bear meat today!
Eric Holder is a racist jerk, just like his boss Odumbo.
Or that ugly nose she's got.
The ketchup gigolo should go back to his yacht or sailboard. He is an idiot.
Odumbo has his head in the sand, 'er, I mean the sand trap.
The only thing Odumbo the Scumbo says is mumbo jumbo. Send him back to Africa.
If Odumbo had been working as an executive at Costco, he would have been fired a long time ago for incompetence.
Odumbo is a scream. A real joke. The V.A. scandal is the precursor to what ordinary folks will see when Obamacare gets going in full tilt.
Unfortunately, he is the commander-in-chief of our military. He wen t AWOL when Benghazi happened. He should be impeached for that.Ordinary soldiers go to jail for that. He should too.
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