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Seinfeld should have president Odumbo on as a guest. As president he is a real joke.
She's gonna offer leis to those who will vote for her!
Odumbo the Scumbo's mumbo jumbo shows what a fool he is.
It must be kinda stinky when a kweah has to penetrate another kweah's bum to get some smelly satisfaction, eh?
Odumbo, the commander in chief of U.S. forces, went AWOL when Benghazi occurred. He got that 3am phone call that Hitlary Clintoon warned us about, at 5 pm. And you know what Odumbo did? He crapped his pants. He didn't know what to do, and then he disappeared for 8 hours, leaving our personnel in Benghazi to die. It probably took him 8 hours to clean up his drawers. Next he had a telephone call with Hitlary, and that is when they came up with that phoney, bogus excuse blaming the attack on a video that nobody saw. Odumbo is a joke.
Them there NFL elitists better get out their guns to defend against the tomahawks and arrows from the REDSKINS!
Odumbo: Pants on fire!
Of course the stupid Times believes in democracy! The majority of the people in the United States are against Odumbocare. So if the Times believes in democracy, it should support the repeal of that commie-pinko law.
That fake squaw will be sent back to the Redskin reservation.
She failed in three important JOBS: 1. She failed in her health care project; 2. She failed in her presidential candidacy attempt against Odumbo; and 3. She failed to give that sexual predator Slick Willie a Lewinski job or otherwise satisfy his sexual desires.
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