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Unfair and Unjust

dairyfarmermom Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 6:40 AM
This is no different from laws forbidding teaching blacks to read. Let's have a little more transparency here. The Obamas are paying $35K each in tuition for their children's education.
I agree that the ignorance is appalling. She states that synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is made from the nitrogen in the air. Excuse me? It's made from natural gas. Yields are down? Not true. Quality is poor? Not true. Tomatoes have been bred for flavor? No, they have been bred to ripen at the same time and ship well.I'll continue farming organically. And, my apples are not wormy, but I feed them and control the pests. I just do it organically and not by spraying poisons. Healthy plants grown in healthy soils resist pests--just as healthy people resist disease.
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