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Put Prospective Gun Owners Under The Microscope

dahrens Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 1:59 PM
And despite media reports, the shooter didn't stop just due to a weapon jamming. KGW in Portland reported that he had cleared the gun, and was getting ready to open up again when he saw an lawfully armed private citizen with his concealed carry firearm coming towards him. But that's a gun saving lives instead of taking them - I guess it doesn't the agenda.

PARIS -- Anyone who can't withstand a rational debate on the subject of gun control -- particularly in light of last week's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut -- should be automatically prohibited from ever owning a firearm. In fact, this should be the number-one requirement of gun ownership: Can someone applying for ownership of a deadly weapon withstand an hour-long debate against someone in favor of gun control without resorting to physical or verbal assault?

Is it too much to ask that every person wanting to possess a firearm be subject to a battery of tests -- everything from...