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Scary: Obama Appointed the Jobs Number Cruncher; Scarier: Her Resume

dahni Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 6:57 PM
Yes, and I'm worried for my grand-daughter. Anyway, concerning Groshen, I've taught Advanced Statistic Analysis for Economics; and also taught, and consulted, in developing surveys for marketing programs. I guarantee you that statistics don't lie, but statisticians might..a little...when necessary to make a point. I can do that with most statistical analyses of most economic programs. So can, and does, Groshen.
First, I'm a grandfather for the first time, and it's an amazing blessing.

The country my granddaughter has come into is at a very dangerous point. The economy is teetering, but Main Street is being told it's all okay. What's problematic is the rapid decline in the last year. That unemployment rate number on Friday was a total farce, but even if it was completely honest, 7.8% is way too high for an economy that supposedly turned the corner a long time ago.

The number doesn't jibe, with an economy growing at 1.3%. The only honest aspect of the report...

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