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Lib Logic: Global Warming Skeptics are Crazy Racists

dahni Wrote: Apr 07, 2012 12:43 PM
I always ask people like Norgaard to spin out the future should even 50% of the CO2 emissions be cut within 5 years. Their model doesn't include the immediate move of most developed countries to the status of current Mexico. Less production, less food being produced or shipped, less medical care, lower standard of living.... The Garden of Eden area of Egypt, Arabian Peninsula, Iran are areas where almost no CO2 was produced during its heyday about 4000 years ago. But they destroyed their environment by producing more people than they could feed and house.

I’ve written about the government’s war on light bulbs, its rule against working toilets, and its prohibition of washing machines that actually clean, so I sometimes cover environmental issues.

But I usually limit myself to examples of silly radicalism, such as the crazy claim that climate change causes AIDS, a reprehensible example of EPA...