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Dave Says Hate Driving That Beater, But...

dahni Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 10:43 AM
Get serious, HouTex! Never has an insurance company representative lost his job through making a decision that made a little more money for the company. If you want advancement you make those decisions in favor of the company. I've talked with a few such agents, and they agree with me. So, expect every interaction with the insurance company to favor their wants rather than your wants.

Dear Dave,

I’m looking at buying term life insurance. Currently, I’m in medical school doing my last year of residency and making $35,000 a year. Should I base the amount of insurance coverage on what I’m making now or what I’ll make when I’ve finished medical school?


Dear Amanda,

In most cases, I advise basing the amount of life insurance coverage on the income you’re earning at the moment. After all, that’s the amount your family is used to living on, right? However, if you’re finishing up your medical degree this year, it’s a...