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Just a freakin minute there buddy. I think Benjie is cute!
But, but, the Unions are saying that they want to stay out of politics.... or something.
If my taxes go past half of my income, who am I now working for?
Very well said, Tom. I do know a lot about behaviors of past Presidents, though. My main problem, I think, is that I don't understand what I think I know in terms of facts. The main outcome of the actions of the Clintons and the Obamas, in my opinion, is that they want to establish a New World Order (expanded UN Power???) with themselves in charge because they 'understand what is best for everyone'. In order to do that, they feel that they must first destroy the foundation of the USA, and rebuild the world from there. This I believe. And I knew Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn (she's amarer and more evil than Bill), and I've read, among others, Saul Alinsky. His beliefs are woven throughout the behavior of Clinton and Obama. And others, of course.
It's a good thing one doesn't need much intelligence to have an opinion, and express it so eloquently, Old Vince...
mmm... and did you read the article? Here's a quote from the article: "While access to guns has decreased, there is one common denominator that most, if not all, mass shooters reflects, which is mental illness.'
sorry, Williams, I don't understand your point.
du2, do you think that you "understand the essential differences between people who are a threat to themselves and others and those who are not.'? I'm aware enough to believe that there is a difference at times between legal and moral actions.
Mary: Absolutely correct. I once interacted with a young man who was very intelligent in mathematics, music, art; could read and talk in 5 languages; and was very personable with most people most of the time. But, for no reason known by him or the psychiatrists who had been studying him for 3 years, he would meet someone who triggered his 'kill reflex'. He had killed at least 4 people, and attacked at least 12 more over a period of 5 years. Although his mother was one of his victims, and his father and siblings said he was totally unpredictive and often violent, and should be institutionalized, the decision was made to release him to a half-way house where they could provide medications and supervision while he studied at a local University for a degree in Mathematics. He disappeared from there in a couple of months. I moved to another country for a few years and lost track of him except for the one report from a fried about his 'disappearance'. I still don't know what became of him. But I knew him well enough to be very scared of 'triggering' him by some behavior I don't even know he finds offensive.....
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