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Can Global Warmist Get Their Story Straight?

dahni Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 1:42 PM
The Medieval world DID burn an awful lot of wood. That what they had to stay warm with in the winter. And the particles from the burning wood entered the atmosphere and provided speck of matter on which water could condense more easily, and thus it would rain more often, etc. Of course when the forests were burned down, the local climates changed. We probably have more acres of forest today than 500 years ago, because we have other kinds of fuel.

Two of catastrophic climate change’s staunchest supporters have been out on the stump promoting their cause—with conflicting statements.

On February 20, Secretary of State John Kerry gave his first speech, as Secretary, at the University of Virginia where he offered a glimpse of how he sees tackling climate change as part of his job—as is “reducing nuclear threat,” “fighting corruption in Nigeria,” and breaking “the cycle of poverty, poor nutrition and hunger.”

On the same day, February 20, NASA’s James Hansen was speaking in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the Lensic Theater, with a follow-up presentation...