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Can Global Warmist Get Their Story Straight?

dahni Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 1:13 PM
Maybe the first thing to do is have the EPA and the GreenEarthies to check the air quality over Chicago, and compare it with the air quality over Lagos, Nigeria or Peking, China. The direction we're going with EPA and Greenies is an Earth where humans are not permitted to use any tools or machines or agricultural techniques that the other life forms cannot use. Which means a drastically smaller world population that is supervised by the UN Green Corp, using their personal helicopters, cars and airplanes, along with their AR15's, to enforce the EPA rules. A brief check also shows that for every new EPA Regulation put into force, at least 5 more Regulations are needed to explain the first Regulation; which means more EPA Enforcers.

Two of catastrophic climate change’s staunchest supporters have been out on the stump promoting their cause—with conflicting statements.

On February 20, Secretary of State John Kerry gave his first speech, as Secretary, at the University of Virginia where he offered a glimpse of how he sees tackling climate change as part of his job—as is “reducing nuclear threat,” “fighting corruption in Nigeria,” and breaking “the cycle of poverty, poor nutrition and hunger.”

On the same day, February 20, NASA’s James Hansen was speaking in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the Lensic Theater, with a follow-up presentation...