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He's Back: Alan Grayson Accuses Republicans of Terrorism on First Day of New Congress

DagNabbit Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 2:07 PM
Good point. But George W Bush is GONE now.
Anominus Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 2:20 PM
Everything GWB did that liberals whined about, Obama has done in spades. Of course, the liberals are silent on such things when it is a leftist who is respsonsible.

In case you missed it, Alan Grayson is back in Congress. Yes, the same Alan Grayson who called his 2010 congressional opponent Dan Webster (who he lost to) "Taliban Dan" and the same guy who said Republicans want people to "die quickly" on the House floor in 2009. In November, Grayson regained his position in Congress due to redistricting. Yesterday, just hours after the 113th Congress officially started, Grayson was on MSNBC accusing Republicans of legislative terrorism because you know, new tone or something. 

"Well, they say it's a device for them to extract concessions that they...