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BREAKING: Israel and Hamas Agree on Ceasefire

DagNabbit Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 9:59 AM
In reading the comments here, it becomes obvious that TH readers don't know the history of the creation of Israel, the Balfour Declaration before it, and Israel's methods of gaining territory.
Chestertonfan Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 10:25 AM
Sure we do, oh arrogant one. We are also familiar with Hitler's alliances in the region and facist underpinnings of many of the ruling families in the ME sworn to complete Hitler's Final Solution. How far back in history do you want to go? The Ottoman caliphate? The Persian's? The Crusades? The Arab/Muslim conquests? Byzantium? The Romans? When? Either Israel has a right to exist or not. Modern Poland didn't exist before 1919. Neither Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. when do you give Israel the right to exist as a Jewish state? Never? Then you are with Hamas and Iran. Good for you, anti Semite.
Libs_Are_UsefulIdiots Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 10:41 AM
Excellent post!

Most of these posters, such as DagNabbit, don't even know that this began as early as 732AD with the Battle of Tours, and the muslims are doing exactly what they've been instructed to do in the Qur'an.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just announced a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The announcement came as part of the press conference between Clinton and Egypt’s President, Mohammed Morsi. In Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the agreement.This announcement came just a few hours after a bomb exploded onboard a bus in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Many in Gaza fled their homes in fear of retaliation from Israelis.

In the press conference Clinton said, “The United States welcomes the agreement today for the cease-fire in Gaza". She emphasized "for it [the ceasefire] to hold, the rocket...

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