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Mormon Doctrine Leads to Socialism?

daddy o Wrote: May 09, 2012 12:12 PM
Dear Rockin Rick, Please explain where the Book of Mormon came from. Give me specifics that prove your assertion. You may begin by explaining how you came to the conclusions that there was "no reformed Egyptian." You have apparently never heard of Demotic, a reformed script used in the time concurrent with the early Book of Mormon. Then you can tell us your theory for how we got the 500 plus pages in the Book of Mormon, produced in less than six months, by a man with a typical upstate New York 1830s education. Also explain how Smith managed to have 11 witnesses see and handle the plates and have three of them see an angel and hear a voice from the sky bear witness.

Now that Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee for president, the left is increasing its attacks on his Mormon religion, hoping to distract voters into focusing on perceived negatives about Mormonism. The latest attack is shrewdly done. Instead of directly attacking Mormonism, which could look bad, the left is claiming that Mormonism is really socialist.

Last month, the far left website Salon ran an article entitled, “When Mormons Were Socialists.” It relied completely upon a deliberate misinterpretation of a few verses in the Book of Mormon. The author claimed that Mormon doctrine about events in the first century...