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GOP Could Use the Whiskey the Tea Party Drinks

daddy422 Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 7:47 PM
Yes, anti-democratic daydreaming.It's right up there with the C.R. Act of 1964.You know, the one where the dems mounted the longest filibuster in U.S. history! Thank God the racist GOP rescued that bill to become law.Oh you didn't know? The dems could only squeak out 51% of the vote in both Houses while the GOP managed 83% of the vote. Gop Senator Dirksen,Wisc.(i believe) rewrote legislation that saved the Civil Rights movement. He!!,i thought everyone knew that.....Was that the air rushing out of your balloon?
Stuart95 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 10:35 AM
And note that Rand Paul's opposition is rooted firmly in the libertarian belief that the government should have been color-blind before the CRA, thus the CRA was a superfluous act destined to create even more race, gender, orientation, age, disability, etc. problems.
Steve of CA Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 9:20 PM
If you subtract the southern Democrats, who were *mostly* conservative, the support for the CRA was about the same between the two parties.And it was not LBJ but Goldwater who as the standard bearer of the party opposed it. Today what opposition there is to the CRA comes from Republicans such as Rand Paul.
daddy422 Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 7:54 PM
Senator Dirksen was from Illinois,how ironic.

While many of our heroes have lost their gloss, Abraham Lincoln still shines brightly for many Americans because there is so much to learn from his life.

For example, in 1858 Abraham Lincoln was defeated in his race for the United States Senate by Stephen Douglas, making it Lincoln’s third electoral defeat in a row. As Lincoln emerged from the telegraph office into the rain-soaked street in Springfield, Illinois he lost his balance when his foot slipped on the slick boardwalk. Catching himself before he tumbled into the mud Lincoln muttered to under his breath, “A slip, but not a fall.”...