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The Sequester May Not Be “Fair,” but It’s Real and It Would Slow the Growth of Government

Daddio7 Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 7:42 AM
Any organization that faces cuts will cut the functions you see, to show how badly cuts will hurt. Cities cut police patrols but back at the station house everything goes on as usual. Navies dock ships because they can't afford fuel. Procurement and base life continues unabated. A home owner will run a 5 ton AC at 72 degrees and cut off the porch light at night to save electricity. As long as it looks like you are saving money.

Much to the horror of various interest groups, it appears that there will be a “sequester” on March 1.

This means an automatic reduction in spending authority for selected programs (interest payments are exempt, as are most entitlement outlays).

Just about everybody in Washington is frantic about the sequester, which supposedly will mean “savage” and “draconian” budget cuts.

If only. That would be like porn for libertarians.

In reality, the sequester merely means a reduction in the growth of federal spending. Even if we have the sequester, the burden of government spending will still be

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