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Quibbling with Jindal’s Roadmap

Daddio7 Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 10:09 AM
The deficit funds at least ten million jobs. Cut it and unemployment immediately doubles. These people will then get 50% of their salary in unemployment checks. We would have to cut spending by two trillion to actually balance the budget. Unemployment then triples. Without some massive jobs program there is no alternative to the status quo..

“I plan to say some things that may challenge your assumptions,” warned Louisiana Governor and rumored 2016 contender Bobby Jindal. “You may not agree with all of it, but that’s ok, ours is a party that can handle real discussions.”

Challenge accepted, governor.

One of Jindal’s big takeaways, as I understand it, was that to win, we must “re-calibrate the compass of conservatism.” “Our principles are timeless,” he clarified. However, “we do need to re-orient our focus to the place where conservatism thrives – in the real world beyond the Washington Beltway.”

On this point, the governor is absolutely correct. Republicans...