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Life's Work or Life Sentence?

Daddio7 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 11:01 AM
It's great fun until you invest $500000 a year and gross $400000. Do that four or five times and the bank seizes you assets and you have to get a job you hate to keep from starving to death. Being self employed means no unemployment checks, savings wiped out, no retirement. My advice, get an education, take a nice, safe corporate job, or even better, a government job.

Be honest now -- how would you feel if someone told you that the job you have now is the only job you'll ever have for the rest of your working life? Not because you won't find another employer dim enough to hire you, but because you realize that what you do isn't your work; it's your "life's work."

If you're like most people doing most jobs, your work is more life sentence than life's work. But Amber Rae isn't like most people. She believes that your job can also be your destiny. As she writes in "Fast...

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