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What was the "Greatest Generation" taught? The scientist and engineers on both sides of the Atlantic unleashed an unprecedented flood of innovation. In less than a decade we went from biplanes to jets, cavalry charges to nuclear weapons. Today a large percentage of high school graduates can't read their own diploma and a few hundred mujahideen have our 60000 man army pinned down in Afghanistan. In the 1930s half of the population lived or worked on a farm. It takes some intelligence to run a farm. Farm boys learn how to overcome adversity and get lots of fresh air and exercise. Today 2% of the population is involved in farming and most of the daily work is done by Mexicans.
Would Apple sell it's products cheaper if it paid no taxes? Can you imagine their cash on hand without any tax burden? Individuals have an Alternative Minimum Income Tax. A corporate minimum profits would be easy to implement. The governments main function is to maximize revenue, isn't it?
In WWII to defeat the Axis we not only fire bombed their cities, we dropped atomic weapons on them. The Greens are at war with the carbon burning alliance (us). They will use every device and weapon available to them to stop us. They will not go live under a tree and hope we stop. They are determinant to eliminate us, then go live under a tree.
Stupid thing posted before I could get it spell checked. "My 98 Silverado is a workhorse, my wife's 2000 Mercury Grand Marquise is a smooth comfortable ride, and my 22 year old's 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix has 195 thousand miles on it and he has driven it since was 16. How long do you typically drive your cars?"
My 98 Silverodo is a workhorse, my wifes 2000 mercury Grand Maquise is a smooth comfortable ride, and my 22 year olds 1999 Potiac Grand Prix has 195 thousand miles on it and he has dricven it scince was 16. How long do you typiacly drive your cars?
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Helping Workers…to the Unemployment Line

Daddio7 Wrote: May 26, 2013 11:03 AM
With a little white-out the ACA could be changed to read 75% of health insurance would be paid out of the first 20 hours worked. One full time worker would then be cheaper than two part time employees. Or we could separate health care completely from employment and employers could employ people in the most profitable way and of course pay taxes on that.
I was in Spain, curtisy of the US Navy, in 1974. The streets were clean, and empty. In 1973 I had been to Purto Rico, also via the Navy, sidewalks and streets jamed with people. In 1977 my dad went on a missonary trip to Hati, roads cloged with people. Just because people are traveling doesn't mean any economic activity is taking place. As for running out of other people's money, the "other" people are quite good at making it back. They will always make more, have you checked the stock market lately?
Let me get this straight, over 20 million Americans are on some kind of public assistance and unemployment is over 7%. If we end assistance and 20 million people are suddenly desperately looking for work to keep from starving employers would soundly find the need for 20 million new hires? What would happen is that wages would drop and millions of full time jobs converted to part time as more workers were available. Even if off-shoring was eliminated there will never again be jobs for everyone. With future automation employment will be over 20%. We have three choices, guaranteed minimum income and only people who want to work do, keep the Byzantine welfare and unemployment system we use now, or have the 1% live in walled enclaves and everyone outside lives a Mad Max dog eat dog life.
Just wait until the non-birth partner leaves. The birth parent will quickly find the sperm donor and stick him with child support payments.
My two oldest children are like Frank125, professionals with advanced degrees and no children. My youngest daughter is 26 and wants a child but is waiting until she can afford one. She is angry that her 24 year old sister-in-law has two children, no job, and lives off of welfare.
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When Did We Vote to Become Mexico?

Daddio7 Wrote: May 23, 2013 11:17 AM
The Mexican Indians have been under European (Spanish) dictatorship for over 400 years. They make very good subjects. European subjects tend to successful revolt. The bomb makers were Muslims. Why anyone would what them around I have no idea. It could be having a constant terrorism threat justifies continued government violation of rights to privacy.
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