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Hannity: 'Sequestration Scare Tactics'

dad2112 Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 1:53 PM
you are an idiot
they broke the law to get he thats why they are called illegal
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A Miserable New York State Of Mind

dad2112 Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 2:56 PM
he is saying that he is a idiot but what do you expect from a leftist
you are just another libatard but we wont hold it against you too mutch
he and his cronies stole it.
it was and the shooters were all progesive dem too.
Her and obama should be tried for treason even the chinese think he is a traitor.
he is using the same political ploys and tactics as hitler to gain power. the killing will come latter. if you dont belive me look up hitler and see for yourself.
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The Lie With Something Extra

dad2112 Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 1:57 PM
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