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The Tyranny of a .07% Solution

dachs_dude Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 9:42 AM
* - name calling e.g. bigot, homophobe ** - insinuation that since I'm against gay-marriage I must be a closet homosexual, (and super-athiest Richard Dawkins must be a closet Christian, right?) *** - calls to have this post banned for offensive content
It seems that more and more, a small contingent in America is constantly pressuring the majority of Americans to acquiesce to their demands. And to achieve success, the contingent exaggerates its own numbers, so as to seem less peripheral than it really is.

And while this strategy is nothing new in the American experience, it has never served a group better than it’s served those practicing homosexual behavior in the U.S—a group that constitutes approximately 1.4 percent of our population according to the Centers for Disease Control, yet successfully gives the impression that its numbers are...