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The New Racial Derangement Syndrome

D356 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 8:55 PM
Fact: whites are far more likely to be murdered by blacks than vice-versa. You are a racist.
jflower Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 11:40 PM
Who are YOU guys? My whole day did not include one thought or activity that involved distinguishing people based on skin, language, cultural or ethnic difference from myself. You have littered this blog with hyperbole on that stage with invective. Honestly, I fear you and those who carry such venom gaining power because such screed inevitably leads to not good things for anybody. Try promoting a message that we can all be proud of.

There is a different sort of racialist derangement spreading in the country -- and it is getting ugly.

Here is actor Jamie Foxx joking recently about his new movie role: "I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?" Reverse white and black in the relevant ways and even a comedian would hear national outrage. Instead, his hip "Saturday Night Live" audience even gave Foxx applause.

Race-obsessed comedian Chris Rock tweeted on the Fourth of July, "Happy white peoples (sic) independence day ..."

Actor Samuel L. Jackson, in a recent interview, sounded about as unapologetically reactionary as...