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Rubio: Leaked WH Immigration Proposal “Dead on Arrival”

D186 Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 4:08 PM
The very thought of legalizing millions of illegal men and women who have already shown their disrespect for our laws is sickening. We ask and demand our own citizens and those who have come here legally to obey our laws. T turning our backs on our laws, ur citizens and legal immigrants, people who respect our laws, work to take care of families and pay taxes that pay legislators in Washington to look out for the best interest of our nation, just to give 11 million illegals benefits they do not deserve is absurd. We have far too many unemployed American workers; there are far too few jobs available now. Proposing to legalize millions of illegals is absurd!
denhir Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:30 PM
Aaron Klein radio show:

"Amnesty for illegal-aliens is the Democrats-DNC Covert-Hidden-Secret-Plan,

To get Hillary or any other popular Dem candidate elected POTUS Now-Nov-2016 !

Say No-! to any kind of anti-American-illegal-alien amnesty !

Why should we even be talking about allowing any kind of illegal-alien-immigration-amnesty after what the Illegal-US-Traitor-Obama has pulled,

implementing his Illegal-alien-immigraion-amnesty-related "Directives" ignoring most of the related pro-USA-pro-USC laws-rules already on the books, telling Napolitano, Holder, ICE, to ignore-not-enforce those laws !

We need to get the Independent and women voters back on our side, the Hispanos will always vote for the Democrats, so stop pandering to them !

During his SOTU address, President Obama touched on broad immigration reform principles and commended the work bipartisan groups in both chambers are doing to draft a bill. His tone seemed to indicate he would let Congress take the lead on immigration. “Send me a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the next few months and I will sign it,” he said during the speech. But on Saturday, the White House leaked details of its own immigration proposal, which Sen. Marco Rubio has called “dead on arrival.”

A draft of a White House immigration proposal obtained by USA TODAY...